Jeff on the Issues



Jeff used his leadership to create One Fairfax, a critical countywide policy that promotes equity in all decisions. He has dedicated his life to providing equal access for all. All residents deserve an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, income, ability, or where they live.

 To do this, he will:

  • Foster inclusion through social and racial equity across the county

  • Support fairness of all people, including standing up for our residents against the unfair policies of the current presidential administration

  • Ensure that our diversity, our welcoming environment, and a seat at the table for all remain the hallmark of Fairfax County’s success



Jeff knows a healthy business economy is vital in Fairfax County. He will take his revitalization successes in Lee District to a countywide level, attracting new business and diversifying the economy.

 To do this, he will:

  • Streamline the process for small businesses and make it easier to fill retail and office vacancies

  • Invest in infrastructure and revitalization

  • Provide a vocational training pipeline for emerging, existing industries

  • Ensure comprehensive plans are modernized to encourage job growth

  • Protect the County’s AAA bond rating



Jeff has a record of funding new transit, road, bicycle, and pedestrian projects throughout Fairfax County that make transportation alternatives available and reliable for all residents. As Chairman, Jeff will continue to push these important initiatives forward.

 To do this, he will:

  • Work with VDOT to improve road maintenance, grass mowing, and stormwater facilities

  • Create new transit options for commuters

  • Hold Metro accountable to improve customer service and reliability

  • Oversee completion of Silver Line Phase 2 and Embark Richmond Highway

  • Improve regional connectivity

  • Expand programs like the Free Student Bus Pass initiative

  • Fund sidewalk construction, bicycle lanes, and other pedestrian safety measures



Ensuring Fairfax County students receive a world-class education has always been Jeff’s top priority. As Budget Chairman, Jeff passed the first budget in decades that fully funded schools and adhered to our progressive values. He will continue to make FCPS his top priority.

 To do this, he will:

  • Expand preschool programs to improve access to high-quality early childhood education

  • Increase teacher and support staff pay

  • Grow school programs equitably in all districts

  • Promote programs for children of all abilities

  • Continue building strong bonds with the School Board and increase cooperation and transparency



Jeff believes access to safe and affordable housing is a basic human right. He has created hundreds of affordable units for families and single adults, and stood up citizen groups to preserve and enhance access. In order for all people to succeed in our economy, Fairfax County must preserve and grow its affordable housing stock.

 To do this, he will:

  • Fight discriminatory housing practices and predatory lending

  • Restore the “Penny for Affordable Housing” fund and grow our inventory

  • Insist on smart land use planning to ensure we have affordable opportunities in all ends of the county, linking transportation and job opportunities

  • Partner with the business and nonprofit community on incentives that streamline and prioritize housing projects through public-private partnerships

  • Create communities that provide affordable senior housing



Jeff thinks Fairfax County’s natural resources are some of its best assets. He is committed to protecting the environment and addressing the effects of climate change by passing new ordinances with those goals in mind. Jeff believes the County must lead with a sense of urgency on these issues.

 To do this, he will:

  • Advance the County’s first-ever Operational Energy Strategy and remove barriers to solar power

  • Bolster our Energy and Climate Action Plan

  • Ramp up our Cool Counties initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our carbon footprint

  • Increase the county’s tree canopy, alternatives for clean energy, and the health of streams

  • Elevate the County’s efforts by expanding environmental staff and resources



Jeff recognizes the need for active recreation for all of our residents, having grown up in the county and being a youth sports coach for his own kids. Through public private partnerships, Jeff has created premier recreational opportunities for kids of all abilities. We must continue this vital work.

 To do this, he will:

  • Work with youth and adult sports groups to enhance and construct recreational facilities

  • Fight for equitable sports facilities county-wide

  • Create more accessible parks for people of all abilities

  • Expand trails, playgrounds and bicycle networks



Fairfax County is the safest jurisdiction of its size in the country because of its world-class first responders. All residents should feel safe wherever they are in the community. To truly achieve One Fairfax, Jeff will ensure that public safety agencies are engaged and community oriented.

 To do this, he will:

  • Fight for common sense gun control measures and close dangerous loopholes

  • Increase staffing for patrol officers, and implement police body-worn cameras

  • Expand support for our world class firefighter and emergency medical responders.

  • Foster inclusion and trust between public safety officials and residents

  • Hire a diverse public safety workforce and continue to build bonds and strengthen communication with everyone in our community

  • Reduce recidivism by partnering with nonprofits and human services agencies

  • Enhance our strong community support for the police through the Police Civilian Oversight Committee



Jeff believes strongly that investing in people is not only right morally, but also makes smart fiscal sense. The county must continue to play a major role in protecting the most vulnerable in our community.

 To do this, he will:

  • Model additional programming after the successes of Diversion First, an initiative that prioritizes treatment rather than incarceration for people experiencing a mental health crisis

  • Expand substance abuse recovery programs in the community

  • Support addiction recovery programs in county detention centers

  • Grow partnerships with community-based nonprofits to improve delivery of vital services

  • Work with federal and state partners to go after drug companies that have largely caused the opioid epidemic